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Connector apple powerbookvideo.png
14 pin Apple PowerBook video connector at the Apple computer, looking into cable-side connector.

Pin Signal Description
1 RED.VID Red video
2 RED.GND Red video ground
3 MON.ID1 Monitor ID, bit 1
4 VSYNC/ Vertical sync
5 CSYNC/ Composite sync
6 C&VSYNC.GND Composite and vertical sync ground
7 GRN.GND Green video ground
8 GRN.VID Green video
9 MON.ID2 Monitor ID, bit 2
10 HSYNC.GND Horizontal sync ground
11 MON.ID3 Monitor ID, bit 3
12 HSYNC/ Horizontal sync
13 BLU.VID Blue video
14 BLU GND Blue video ground
shell CHASSIS GND Chassis ground


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