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Dell Dimension 8100 Power Supply Connector Pinout - AllPinouts

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24 pin DC power connector.

Connector wtx 24p cableconn.png
24 pin MOLEX 39-01-2240 or equivalent connector at the PSU cable.

Pin Function Color Pin Function Color
1 +5 VDC red 13 PSON#2 grey
2 Common black 14 Common black
3 +5 VDC red 15 Common black
4 Common black 16 Common black
5 PWRGOOD orange 17 N/C
6 +5 VFP purple 18 +5 VDC red
7 +12 VDC yellow 19 +5 VDC red
8 –12 VDC blue 20 +5 VDC red
9 Common black 21 TFSC brown
10 Common black 22 +5 VDC red
11 +3.3 VDC blue/white 23 +3.3 VDC blue/white
12 +3.3 VDC blue/white 24 Common black


  • Pin 5 — PWRGOOD is a status signal generated by the power supply to notify the computer that the DC operating voltages are within the ranges required for proper computer operation.
  • Pin 13 — PSON# is activated by pressing and releasing the power button while the power supply is in standby mode. Activating PSON# connects the power supply’s PSON# input to ground, thereby switching the power supply to full-on condition.
  • Pin 21 (TFSC) may be not used (n/c).
  • In 20 PIN ATX <--> DELL 24 PIN+ 16PIN connectors adapter WHITE(-5V) 20 PIN ATX may be left unconnected.
  • Grey wire that was connected to dell motherboard did his job well, i.e. when it was shorted to the ground PS turned on and stayed on just as it supposed to be.
  • Dell Precision 610 (and maybe other Dell workstations of similar age) also uses a very similar 24pin P1 connector, but according to the service manual, pins 17-24 are -5 VDC (white), -5 VDC (white), +5 VDC (red), +5 VDC (red), +5 VDC (red), TFSC (brown), +3.3 VDC (blue/white) and common (black) respectively, instead of N/C, +5 VDC (red), +5 VDC (red), +5 VDC (red), TFSC (brown), +5 VDC (red) and +3.3 VDC (blue/white)?


16 pin DC power connector.

Connector dellpower 16p cableconn.png
16 pin Dell dimension PSU connector at the PSU cable.

Pin Function Color Pin Function Color
1 +3.3 VDC blue/white 9 +5 V red
2 Common black 10 Common black
3 +12 V yellow 11 N/C
4 N/C 12 N/C
5 N/C 13 N/C
6 N/C 14 +5 V red
7 +12 V yellow 15 Common black
8 Common black 16 N/C


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