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Motorola RAZR V3 mini-USB Charger Connector Pinout - AllPinouts

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5 pin mini-USB plug connector layout
5 pin mini-USB plug connector at the cable of the AC adapter

Pin Name Description
1 +5 VDC PC USB Pin 1 (+5 VDC).
2 USB Data- shorted to pin x in charger cable.
3 USB Data+ NC - Not Connected
X Shorted to pin 2; shorted to pin 4 via 165KOhm resistor in charge cable.
4 GND PC USB pin 4 (GND). Shorted to pin X via 165KOhm resistor in charge cable.


  • A 165k resistor between pin 2 and 4 is required to enable the charge process. The resistor produces ~1.5vdc on the x pin that is suitable for RAZR V3m and Motorola Q (which works from ~1.2vdc to ~1.9vdc).
  • To charge the Motorola RAZR V3 through a simple USB cable (without the resistor) you need a PC driver software.
  • The x pin is used by the phone to detect the type of device attached to the port. Shorting Pin 2, 3 and x, put the phone into handsfree/carkit mode and the LCD backlight will ignore timeout settings and stay on.


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