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xD = extreme Digital

The xD-Picture Card is a type of flash memory card, used mainly in digital cameras. The cards were developed by Olympus and Fujifilm and introduced into the market in July 2002. Toshiba Corporation and Samsung Electronics manufacture the cards for Olympus and Fujifilm. xD cards are now sold under other brands, including Kodak, SanDisk, and Lexar.

18 Pin xD-Picture Card Connector
18 Pin xD-Picture Card Connector

Pin Name Dir description
1 XD_CD# - presence detect
2 R/B# OUT Ready / Busy (open-drain)
3 RE# IN Read Enable
4 CE# IN Card Enable
5 CLE IN Command Latch Enable
6 ALE# IN Address Latch Enable
7 WE# IN Write Enable
8 WP# IN Write Protect
9 GND - Ground
10 SD0 IN/OUT data bit 0
11 SD1 IN/OUT data bit 1
12 SD2 IN/OUT data bit 2
13 SD3 IN/OUT data bit 3
14 SD4 IN/OUT data bit 4
15 SD5 IN/OUT data bit 5
16 SD6 IN/OUT data bit 6
17 SD7 IN/OUT data bit 7
18 VCC - 3.3V power


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